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Type Your Way!

With this site you can make a Typing Tutor for you!

I started this site because I was learning the Dvorak layout and needed lots of help (as i am a slow learner).
Then one day I was tidying my server and moved it.
Birthe emailed me asking "where is it?" then me and Birthe made it so you can add layouts because he had German Dvorak layout type II and Text to match.
Features so far:

  • One load (you download the page and learn offline) getting if you are on a long trip.
  • If you login I'll try to keep your place and stats.
  • You can add you own layout and text to learn with.
    • help text "h|" E.g. "h| Introducing U and H"
    • You can set the tolerance "eg. t|0 or t|10" the Tolerance means if you make to many mistakes you'll need to redo the line.
    • You can ask for the line the be mix up if repeated eg. "aoeu htns" may become "ueoa snth" just add " m| " at the start of the line of "The practice Text"
    • Your work will be listed here and I'll add it to main menu when your ready
  • Helper Dictionary if you need help thinking words you make with just the letters you are teaching then click here for uk, here for German and here to add your owe
  • Working on:
    • Making it multilingual
    • Adding a spinner for the tolerance
  • I would love your input

I'm working on adding a spinner for the
If you needed to site to do stuff it can not tell me here

about The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard


Hello there!
Nice website, good idea to make a feature to input custom keyboards
I do however miss the feature to learn the line above the QWERTY line (the line with the numbers on a QWERTY keyboard, but with {} and () keys on Programmer Dvorak)
I made my own template and saved it as a draft, but when I try to access it, your site tells me that I'm not authorized.

hi Rick
I think I fixed it.

When I enter letters nothing appears on screen - using an asus transformer with docking station keyboard

tell me more Please

it needs fixing

Many thanks for your efforts.

I like how it makes one re-type if one make too many errors on a line.

thanks ;0)

Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your touch typing lessons - far more than Loughborough Uni's version with bells and whistles! I also really liked your video that goes with it - I share your sentiments about things being better when free.

Where do I log out